Holistic Services for Body, Spirit, and Mind

My mission is to provide exceptional alternative holistic services that help clients strengthen their bodies, their spirit, and move through the world with more ease.”


Body Balanced Centre

I'm Rosemary, a certified holistic practitioner helping others since 1995

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Body Balanced Centre home

At Body Balanced Centre, I am focussed on providing my clients with a sanctuary to explore the possibilities for their own bodies, minds and spirits.

The emphasis here is on you – what you need, how you like to learn and your gifts. It is a privilege to serve people of all physical abilities and experiences.

Body Balanced Centre Services

We are not so different from our ancestors – we each want to feel good in our bodies and feel free in our spirits. The practices that I share with my clients at Body Balanced Centre recognize the strength of ancient practices in meeting our modern goals.

Yoga & Training

Learn to slow down, pay attention, and connect with your body.

Reflexology & Reiki

Relieve stress and pain through respectful touch and holistic therapies


Setting the tone for creating life’s most meaningful experiences.

What clients say:

"Body Balanced Centre, all I can say is thank you to Rosemary Lee for all the hard work and education she gives us guys in our yoga class. I know this has to help keep me in good shape to do the work I do."

Charles C

"Thank you SO much for the beautiful customized ceremony you provided for Amanda and Mark. I love the story you told about their engagement as well as the smiles and laughter throughout! I think it was just perfect!"

Amanda and Mark

"I would recommend Body Balanced Centre to anyone that is looking for a very relaxing session. Expectations were blown away!! Thanks.."


"Hi Rosemary, just wanted to tell you how grateful we are for everything you've done to make our wedding day so amazing."


"I wanted to thank you for making our wedding day so special. The time you took to get to know Bob and I and our wishes will never be forgotten. Your words before our vows were so special to me and mean more than I can express. Your grace, your professionalism, your joy and your faith was so evident and I feel so blessed that we had you to join Bob and I with our Heavenly Father in marriage. Thank you."
"Hello I want to Thank you for making our date so special. You were amazing 💕"

More on Our Holistic Services


Reiki is a hands-on practice that was created and practiced in Japan hundreds of years ago and is used to connect to the body and mind by transferring energy through the hands, enabling the strengthening and relaxation of the body.


Although its origins are unknown, it is believed that Reflexology was practiced by Egyptians. It is a natural connecting zone approach on the principles that each body part, organ, or system in the body, corresponds to an area in the feet. Applying pressure to these zones reduces stress and improves circulation, thus helping the body strengthen itself.


Yoga is an alternative therapy that originated in ancient India. It is widely practiced art of creating balance and integrating the body, spirit, and mind through specific exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation.

The Studio

The studio is conveniently located in Brant County and services the Brantford, Paris, and surrounding areas. If you can’t come to me, I can come to you with my mobile service, catering to individuals and the workplace providing lunch hour group sessions and spa nights.

Are You ready?

How do you know if you are ready to begin?

After 20 years in this work, I recognize the signs in clients. They often come to me saying things like “I know that there’s a better way to handle this stress”, “I can’t seem to calm my mind”, “I feel so disconnected from my body” or “I feel like there is something more that I can no longer ignore”. If this sounds like you, congratulations for paying attention.

The next step is to find the person and space that can help you address these concerns. This work is important enough that the fit needs to feel just right, for both of us.

Why Body Balanced Centre?

I am confident that when people are aware, strong and flexible, they can cope more easily with life’s twists and turns. I offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs at Body Balanced Centre and I treat each customer with the utmost professionalism and respect (because you deserve nothing less). Together, we will take the time to discuss your needs and create the best possible options for your situation and your budget.

Keep Your Most Important Dates Organized

The 2023 Planner is here! If you’re interested in a beautiful and convenient way of keeping your most important dates and appointments organized, please feel welcome to contact me at Body Balanced Centre: 519-865-3302.