About me

“I welcomed my first client in 1995 – frankly, she knocked on my door insisting that we needed to work together…”

Humble beginnings with purpose

I began my career in health care and continued to be fascinated by the link between people’s physical bodies and the life force around them.

The truth is that every one of us has gifts. From an early age, mine began to emerge as a focus on energy, in people and around them. My mother got me involved with yoga at age five to address some health concerns and it has been a regular practice since then.

Sharing experience

Practicing Peace and Inner Calm

Each person needs to find the place where they feel a connection to support their individual growth.

So I began to study those practices that resonated with me and have accreditation in the following:

  • Registered Reiki Master, with the International Reiki Centre
  • Certified Reflexologist, with the Canadian Association of Reflexology
  • Registered Yoga Teacher with the international Yoga Alliance
  • Qualified Teacher of Intuitive Classes, with Claudette Godin
  • Ordained Minister, with the Bancroft Centre for Spiritual Awakening

Now over 25 years later, Body Balanced Centre clients continue to remind me of the longing that people have to step into the potential that their minds, bodies and spirits hold.

I’ve worked ‘happily hard’ to create a sanctuary for people to explore their personal gifts, to strengthen their bodies and their own awareness.

To do that, people may meet with me one-on-one or in small classes where I can give everyone personal attention.

My clients tell me that the Centre is a “gentle place that feels welcoming” and that they are “surprised and delighted by what a deeper connection to my own body makes possible”.

They also tell me that the space and their experience creates a serene, relaxing ambience so they leave with a sense of peace and inner calm.