Numerology and the New Year

Numerology and the New Year

Planning your New Year? What do your numbers reveal?

Everything in the universe relates to numbers. The cycles of the planets in our solar system are measured in numbers of weeks, months or years taken to orbit the earth. Our name, height, weight, and address are among other significant numbers that become part of our lives. DatesĀ and calendar years can indicate specific trends depending on how the numbers add up.


Every calendar year gives us a universal year in which the entire planet experiences events; some more impactful, others less so. The year 2022 will be a universal year of 6. This is calculated by adding 2+0+2+2=6.

During this universal year of 6, we should expect a sense of community. After the year of 5, feeling the need for change and freedom, we will be feeling the need to nurture our families and friends.  This is a time to stay close to home, remodeling your current space.


Our date of birth is called our life path number in numerology. It is calculated by adding all the individual numbers in our full birth date until we reduce them to a single number. A birth date of July 23, 1985 calculates as: 7+2+3+1+9+8+5=35, and 3+5=8, giving a life path number of 8.


Our personal year is our individual forecast for a specific year, in this case 2022. It gives us a theme for the year directed by our birth month and day and 2022. A birth date of April 27 for the year 2022 would be 4+2+7+2+0+2+2=19, and 1+9=10, and 1+0=1 Once all numbers are added until there is a single digit, we see that a person with a birth date of April 27 for 2022 has a personal year of 1.

Master numbers 11 or 22 are an exception in all calculations above, as they remain double digits. If we use the example of October 13 for the year 2022, it calculates like this: 1+0+1+3+2+0+2+2=11. If we further added 1+1=2 to bring this to a single digit, it would be a personal year 2. However, it is a master number 11 which has special meaning for the individual.

Calculate your personal year for 2022 below, then refer to the summaries that follow for your theme during this new year.

1 This is the year to start something; it is a time of new beginnings. The focus is on the self rather than partnerships. Take charge and do the things you have always dreamed of. This is the planning year of your nine-year cycle. Choose projects that will bring you closer to your goals. Be determined, explore, exercise more, and improve your diet.

2 Patience, patience, patience! All the things you initiated last year will take time to manifest. Know that opportunities are on the way. Use the time wisely to study, acquire knowledge and plan. This is a year of focus on partnership and love relationships. A two year is also a great time to integrate the new from last year.

3 Be social, love life, embrace the journey! This year is a time of creativity, so get out the paint brushes, the colourful wardrobe, or the artist within. The plans you set in action in your personal year one are starting to develop. Bring joy to the world by joking, dancing, and laughing.

4 Organize! Organize! This is the year to get things in order and be more efficient and productive. Practicality and a solid foundation are needed as you prepare for your future. Focus on getting your health, relationships and learning on track.

5 Change is in the air! Break out of your routine, get active in your mind and body. Release stagnant ideas from your thoughts. Update your home and lifestyle. Be the best you can in this year where you feel free.

6 The six year is about nurturing, service, and responsibility toward friends, family, and community. It is a time to be close to home, for entertaining in a new home, or remodeling of your current space. This is the best of all years to engage in matrimony. The gift of service comes back to you in the form of satisfaction.

7 Rest, reflection and assessing your progress are dominant themes this year. Study spiritual teachings, renew your affirmations, meditate, and contemplate your purpose. Weed out what no longer serves you. This is a year to exercise patience. Relationships or partnerships can be strained this year if you do not share the same goals.

8 Success is featured in the eight year. Efforts from previous years are ready to harvest now. This is a fantastic year for business fulfillment and moving ahead. Play the part, buy that new suit, and look confident! Be honest and reasonable. See opportunity in all problems.

9 The nine year is the final year of the personal year cycle. There will be endings of all kinds. Feel the completion. Let go of the things that no longer serve you. Forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance set the tone. This is not the year to begin new things. Prepare yourself for the new starts coming next year!

11 This master year is an opportunity to expand your intuition and to trust your inner wisdom. Spiritual and metaphysical ideas will pique your interest. It is a year to contemplate; not a year to put ideas into action. Self awareness is the tone for this time of transformation. (See additional information in personal year 2).

22 This is a master number associated with larger projects for the world at large. Use recognition to your advantage. There is a realization of being blessed. (See additional information in personal year 4).